JuicyFields calculator

Our JuicyFields calculator is primarily a harvest calculator. This calculator can therefore be used to calculate the possible harvest yields with different plants. In addition, the calculator is also suitable for calculating the possible passive income from JuicyFields.

Our JuicyFields calculator allows you to calculate potential crop yields for the JuicyFields crowd growing platform. In addition, several assumptions can be made about the number and types of plants.

JuicyFields harvest calculator

Please note that this online calculator is not an official JuicyFields calculator. Our calculator only serves as an indication of the possible crop yields, taking into account various assumptions, and therefore only simulates the possible income associated with the crop. Thus, we can neither guarantee the calculated results nor assume any warranty for the correctness of the results.

How the JuicyFields calculator works

With our JuicyFields calculator, one can first and foremost determine the possible crop yields of all plant types. With the help of the JuicyFields calculator, you can get a better overview of the possible passive income and the yields of the different plants offered. In addition, these JuicyFields results can be compared with other crowd growing platforms.

Currently, JuicyFields offers several plant types with different durations and yield forecasts:

  • JuicyFlash (without renewal): one-time harvest of 45-55g at 1,50 euros/g for 50 euros
  • JuicyMist (with renewal): 4 harvests per year of 150-200g at 2,00 euros/g over 3 years for 2.000 euros
  • JuicyKush (with renewal): 3 harvests per year of 200-300g at 2,50 euros/g over 4 years for 2.000 euros
  • JuicyHaze (with renewal): 2 harvests per year of 300-400g at 3,00 euros/g over 5 years for 2.000 euros

The following factors play an important role in determining the expected return and the corresponding monthly passive income:

  • Selected plant type
  • Possible reinvestment premise
  • Planned number of plants
  • Duration per harvest cycle in days
  • Harvest per cycle in grams
  • Selling price per gram

Assumptions of our JuicyFields calculator

Furthermore, certain assumptions have to be made when using our JuicyFields calculator. On the one hand, this is because a harvest depends on many factors that cannot be influenced. On the other hand, market prices and ancillary costs for the cultivation of cannabis are always subject to fluctuations. This means that forecasts are always associated with a certain degree of uncertainty. The following factors are therefore based on assumptions in the calculator:

  • Harvest cycle in days: How often can the different JuicyFields plants be harvested?
  • Harvest yield per cycle in grams: How much harvest do the different JuicyFields plants generate per cycle?
  • Selling price per gram: At what price can the respective crop be sold via JuicyFields?

We base our assumptions primarily on JuicyFields’ own information and our own JuicyFields experience. The aim is to create as realistic a picture as possible of the expected return and passive income. We have included easy-to-use sliders so that you can calculate different scenarios yourself and thus better compare the different growing services and plants. However, we always advise to calculate with different scenarios (optimistic to pessimistic) in order not to create a consumed picture and thus make a decision on a wrong basis.

Calculate passive income from JuicyFields

The calculator for JuicyFields shows the monthly imputed passive income. Imputed in this context means that the income in reality only accrues when the respective harvest is actually sold. Our view is that a regular passive income can be generated with the JuicyFields growing service. The sale of the harvest is based on the plant-dependent harvest cycles (every three to six months). Unfortunately, JuicyFields does not currently allow participation in the harvest shares of team members, which is why no additional passive income can be generated here. However, JuicyFields offers influencers and website operators the opportunity to apply for the JuicyFields affiliate programme. However, we recommend that you first gather your own experience with JuicyFields before applying.

Other crowd growing calculators

In addition to the JuicyFields calculator, we also offer other calculators from competitor platforms on our crowd growing portal. In order to get a better overall view, we believe it makes sense to use these calculators for comparison. However, a selection should not only be based on monetary factors.

What other crowd growing calculators are there so far?

If there are other interesting and reputable platforms for growing services on the market, please let us know. We will then be happy to take a closer look at these new providers and include them in our crowd growing comparison.

FAQ about our JuicyFields calculator

What exactly does the JuicyFields calculator calculate?

Our JuicyFields calculator takes into account information from JuicyFields as well as various other empirical values from the crowd growing community to determine potential crop yields. The calculator provides a view of potential returns and passive monthly income. The basis for this calculation is based on factors such as the respective harvest output and the plant-dependent sales prices of JuicyFields. The purpose of the calculator is to give a more realistic picture of the JuicyFields growing service and to compare it better with other platforms.

Are MLM commissions integrated in the JuicyFields calculator?

No, JuicyFields does not distribute its growing service through a structural distribution model. However, JuicyFields does offer participation in an affiliate programme for influencers and website owners. If you are interested in this programme, you can contact JuicyFields support. Nevertheless, we think it is better to gain your own experience with JuicyFields first. This is also a criterion when deciding whether to join the affiliate programme.

How to calculate passive income through the JuicyFields calculator?

The basis for the calculation of the passive income is the respective annual harvest shares of the selected plants. For the plants without renewal, a reinvestment premise can additionally be assumed so that the yield and passive income can be compared with the renewable plants. Subsequently, the annual harvest share is valued by multiplication with the sales price in euros and then calculated down to months. As a result, the calculator thus shows an imputed monthly passive income. However, since the harvest does not take place in a monthly cycle, the actual cash flows differ from the calculated average monthly passive income. In reality, cash flows from the sale of the crop-dependent harvest occur every three to six months, depending on the harvest cycle.

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