Plaentz calculator

The Plaentz Calculator is primarily a crop calculator that can be used to calculate potential crop yields. Alternativ können auch Provisionen ermittelt werden. Thus, the Plåntz calculator is also suitable for determining potential passive income through Plåntz. Last update: 17. July 2023

The calculator for Plaentz is suitable as an indication of potential crop yields for Plåntz’s crowd growing platform. Assumptions can be made and own cannabis NFTs and successes as a partner can be planned.

Plaentz harvest calculator and commissions

Please note that this online calculator is not an official calculator of Plaentz / Plåntz. Our calculator serves only as an indication of the possible crop yields, taking into account various assumptions, and therefore only simulates the possible income associated with the harvest. Thus, we can neither guarantee the calculated results nor give any warranty for the correctness of the results. Also note in the event that crowdgrowing is classified as an asset investment and is not considered a service or can be classified as growing management services: The acquisition of this asset investment is associated with significant risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. Furthermore, our guidebook should not be misunderstood as asset, tax or financial advice. Thus, the guidebook explicitly does not represent investment and financial advice or corresponding financial recommendations for action.

Functionality of the Plaentz calculator

Plaentz calculator is suitable for determining the possible harvest income and commissions within the affiliate program. Through the Plaentz calculator one gets an impression of the possible passive income and the corresponding yield. Thus, one can better compare the platform with other crowd growing platforms. The assumed price per cannabis NFT without discount is currently preselected because there is only one NFT type. Subsequently, relevant influencing factors of the harvest yields of the cannabis NFTs can be adjusted.

Important factors of the Plaentz calculator:

  • Planned number of cannabis NFTs
  • Duration per cultivation cycle in days
  • Harvest day per growing cycle in grams
  • Selling price per gram

In order to be able to increase the passive income even more, the option to consider the affiliate program can be activated additionally. After activating the option, you can see from the calculator which commissions can be earned through recommendations. If one has already recruited 100 or more partners, one receives as an additional goodie a 2% commission on the second and another 1% on the third partner level. Through the partner program, an attractive additional income can be built up for committed crowd growers.

Assumptions of the Plaentz calculator

When using our Plaentz calculator, it is important to understand how our assumptions work. Generally, we can only calculate with assumptions because crop yields, market prices and ancillary costs always fluctuate. Thus, all assumptions are risky and therefore uncertain. In particular, the following factors are based on assumptions:

  • Cultivation cycle in days: How often are the plants harvested from Plåntz’s partner?
  • Harvest yield per cycle in grams: How much harvest yield in grams is obtained per harvest and Plåntz NFT?
  • Selling price per gram: At what price can the crop be sold through Plåntz?

The assumptions are based primarily on the information provided by Plåntz and our own Plaentz experience. With the assumptions, we pursue the goal of creating a picture that is as realistic as possible, which is thus suitable as a basis for decision-making. Of course, you can also determine the factors yourself in our Plaentz calculator, in order to be able to make planning calculations, for example. For this purpose, we have integrated dynamic sliders in the Plåntz calculator, with which you can easily adjust the factors. It is always advisable to calculate with different scenarios (optimistic, realistic, pessimistic) to create a better basis for decision-making.

Calculate passive income from Plåntz

We have included corresponding calculated fields in the Plaentz calculator, which represent the potential monthly passive income. However, this passive income is only calculated on a monthly basis. In reality, the harvest must first be sold by Plåntz before passive income can be generated. Nevertheless, we assume that a regular passive income can be built up through the Plåntz cannabis NFTs. We base the harvest sales on the assumed growing cycles. Since the commissions cannot be earned without performance, we do not add them to the passive income. It is important to mention here that, unlike the competition, there is no residual bonus or harvest commissions at Plaentz. At this point, we would also like to draw attention once again to the risks of crowdgrowing.

Other crowd growing calculators

In addition to the calculator for Plåntz, there are other crowd growing calculators from other platforms on our portal. These calculators can also help to get a better overview of the providers and to compare them even better. In our view, however, monetary factors should not be the only deciding factors.

What other crowd growing calculators are available?

If there are other interesting and reputable platforms for growing services on the market, please let us know. We will then be happy to take a closer look at these new providers and include them in our crowd growing comparison.

FAQ about our Plaentz calculator

What exactly does the Plaentz calculator calculate?

The calculator for Plåntz’s cannabis NFTs calculates potential crop yields based on Plåntz’s own data and our previous empirical values. Based on the projected crop yields and potential selling prices, conclusions can be drawn about both the potential yield and the associated passive income. The results thus obtained are intended to facilitate decision-making for or against the purchase of cannabis NFTs via the Plåntz Crowd Growing platform.

Are MLM commissions integrated in the Plaentz calculator?

No, first of all Plåntz is not a classic structural sales model. However, there is a possibility to participate in a partner program. In order to take into account additional commissions through recruitment, you just need to activate the field “Take into account partner program” for this purpose. After activation, in addition to the harvest overview, a commission overview is also enabled. This commission overview is based on the entries of successful referrals within the partner program. Provided that one has successfully recruited 100 or even more partners, one receives as an additional goodie 2% commission on the second level and another 1% on the third level. So there is a small but from our point of view less material MLM component for very strong affiliates.

How to calculate passive income with the help of Plaentz calculator?

Passive income from Plåntz’s cannabis NFTs is determined based on projected annual crop yields. The total annual harvest value is then broken down to a monthly basis. Therefore, our Plaentz calculator also shows a purely imputed liability income on a monthly basis. However, the actual cash flows depend on the actual crop sales depending on the crop cycle. Thus, the illusory monthly passive income only serves as a guide to the approximate income component one can expect by purchasing a cannabis NFT from Plåntz.

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