CannerGrow calculator

The CannerGrow calculator is primarily a harvest calculator and commission calculator. It can therefore be used to calculate potential crop yields and commission income. In addition, the calculator is also suitable for determining potential passive income through CannerGrow. Last update: 17. July 2023

The CannerGrow calculator is suitable as an indication of potential crop yields for Cannerald’s crowd growing platform. Assumptions can be made and own plant purchases and team successes can be planned.

CannerGrow harvest and commission calculator

Please note that this online calculator is not an official calculator of Cannerald / CannerGrow. Our calculator serves only as an indication of the possible crop yields, taking into account various assumptions, and therefore only simulates the possible income associated with the harvest. Thus, we can neither guarantee the calculated results nor give any warranty for the correctness of the results. Also note in the event that crowdgrowing is classified as an asset investment and is not considered a service or can be classified as growing management services: The acquisition of this asset investment is associated with significant risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. Furthermore, our guidebook should not be misunderstood as asset, tax or financial advice. Thus, the guidebook explicitly does not represent investment and financial advice or corresponding financial recommendations for action.

How the CannerGrow calculator works

The calculator for CannerGrow is primarily suitable for calculating the possible harvest yields and team yields. In this way, you can get a better idea of the possible passive income and the possible return and then also compare this with other crowd growing platforms. First, you choose the price per cannabis plant that should be used as the basis for the calculation. After that, you can adjust the factors that are important for CannerGrow’s growing service, which also significantly influence the harvest yields and the associated passive income.

Important factors of the CannerGrow calculator:

  • Planned number of cannabis plants
  • Duration per harvest cycle in days
  • Harvest yield per cycle in grams
  • Selling price per gram
  • Harvesting costs per plant

In order to be able to expand the passive income even further, the option to take team plants into account can also be activated. This allows you to see what you can earn in commissions by recruiting new team members. In addition to the one-off sales commissions, CannerGrow also allows you to continuously earn money from the harvests of your team members. This allows you to build up an additional attractive passive income by building up your own growing team. We are talking about so-called harvest commissions, which are also known as residual bonuses at CannerGrow.

Assumptions of our CannerGrow calculator

When using our CannerGrow calculator, it is important to note that we have to make assumptions here when pre-selecting the calculator. This is because crop yields, market prices and ancillary costs are always subject to fluctuations. All assumptions are therefore always subject to risks and therefore uncertain. In particular, the following factors are based on assumptions:

  • Harvest cycle in days: How often are the plants harvested at CannerGrow?
  • Harvest yield per cycle in grams: How much does a CannerGrow plant yield per harvest in grams?
  • Selling price per gram: At what price can the harvest be sold via CannerGrow?

For the assumptions, we rely on both the information provided by CannerGrow and our own CannerGrow experience. The aim is to create as realistic a picture as possible in order to provide a better basis for decision-making. In addition, the CannerGrow calculator allows you to determine the factors yourself so that you can then use them to make planning calculations. For this purpose, sliders are integrated in the CannerGrow calculator with which you can intuitively adjust the factors. It is always advisable to calculate different scenarios (optimistic, realistic, pessimistic) in order to create a better basis for decision-making.

Calculate passive income from CannerGrow

In our CannerGrow calculator, we have built in corresponding calculated fields that show the possible monthly passive income. However, this passive income is only broken down mathematically on a monthly basis. In reality, the passive income only accrues after a successful harvest sale by Cannerald. Nevertheless, in our opinion, a regular passive income can be built up with CannerGrow. However, the harvest sales take place on the basis of the assumed harvest cycles (i.e. not monthly). In addition to the potential return (Cannerald would like to avoid this term, because one sells a service and not an investment), one gets an insight into how the total monthly passive income with CannerGrow would be composed. This passive income with CannerGrow can be made up of both own harvests and team harvests. However, recruiting new team members is not an obligation with CannerGrow, but is merely to be understood as a supplementary earning opportunity. At this point, we would also like to draw attention once again to the risks of crowdgrowing.

Other crowd growing calculators

In addition to the calculator for CannerGrow, we have published other crowd growing calculators from other platforms. These calculators can also help to compare the totality of available platforms even better. However, in our view, the monetary factor should not be the only reason for decision-making.

What other crowd growing calculators are available?

If there are other interesting and reputable platforms for growing services on the market, please let us know. We will then be happy to take a closer look at these new providers and include them in our crowd growing comparison.

FAQ about our CannerGrow calculator

What exactly does the CannerGrow calculator calculate?

The calculator for CannerGrow’s growing services calculates the possible harvest yields based on CannerGrow’s specifications and empirical values from us and the crowd growing community. Based on the assumed harvest yields and sales prices, conclusions can be drawn about the possible yield as well as the possible monthly passive income. The resulting results should facilitate the decision-making process for or against the purchase of growing services.

Are MLM commissions integrated in the CannerGrow calculator?

Yes, CannerGrow is a crowd growing platform that also allows participation in the structural sales model. In order to take into account the potential additional commissions through recruitment, one simply has to activate the field “Consider team plants”. After activation, in addition to the harvest overview, a commission and total overview is also displayed, which is based on the team success entries. It is important to note that participation in the CannerGrow structural distribution is optional and therefore not mandatory.

How can passive income be calculated with the help of the CannerGrow calculator?

The passive income from CannerGrow plants is determined on the basis of the extrapolated annual harvest yields. Furthermore, this income from own harvests can additionally be supplemented by harvest commissions from team members when the team plant option is active. The total annual harvest value is then broken down to a monthly basis. Thus, our CannerGrow calculator shows a purely imputed monthly passive income. However, the actual cash flows only ever flow after the harvests have actually been sold and are thus dependent on the assumed harvest cycle. The monthly passive income therefore only serves as a guide to what one can expect when buying a plant.

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